Give to Carney Free

Thank you for your generosity to the Lord and His work through Carney Free Church. It is our constant aim to be good stewards of the gifts and resources God has entrusted to us. We want everything we have to be used for His glory. Our church's current income and spending are printed weekly in the bulletin. For a more detailed breakdown of church finances, please contact the church office.

Through this online platform, you can make a one-time offering or set up recurring giving. Whether you want to give weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or even yearly, setting up a recurring offering means you will never forget to give when life gets a little crazy.

You can set up a recurring gift based off either your bank account–the best option to save us processing fees–or any credit card you want. Once it's set up, you will receive an email confirmation and a receipt each time your offering is processed. Your contributions here also make online giving possible, an asset that costs the church $120 per year, plus 2.7% of every donation and 39¢ per donation. Every contribution is tax-deductible to you and will be used for ministry at Carney Free Church and around the world.